Computational And Mathematical Modeling Program

Project goals

CAMMP aims to make the general public aware of the importance of mathematics and simulation sciences for society as a whole and at the same time serves as a career and study orientation. CAMMP thus serves as a perfect starting point for the subject IMP (Computer Science, Mathematics, Physics), since the interaction of these three subjects is fully exploited and is in the foreground:

Physics provides the underlying laws of nature, mathematics the iterative process, and in computer science simulation is realized on this basis. (Renate Allgöwer, Stuttgarter Zeitung, 14.08.2018)

CAMMP teaches mathematical modelling in a playful way and thus also promotes competencies in this area. Mathematical modelling comprises the following steps according to the curriculum of the schools:

  •  Translating the problem formulated in colloquial language into a mathematical model
  •  Solving of the model using existing mathematical knowledge
  •  Evaluation and verification of the received solution by interpretation of the results and description for the user.

By working in small teams, the students also expand their process-related skills, such as communication and team skills, as well as the use of hardware and software tools to solve problems.

In addition to the students, mathematics teachers can also benefit from an intensive study of mathematical modelling. Students often find it very motivating to experience authentic mathematics using real examples.