Computational And Mathematical Modeling Program

The idea behind CAMMP

Source: Thomas Camminady

With CAMMP, students slip into the role of scientists and thus experience the basics of mathematical modeling on the basis of practical examples. In small teams, students solve challenging real-world problems using mathematical methods and computer simulations. They are supported by scientists.

Possible questions the students deal with come from different areas such as finance, aerospace, video game design, medical imaging and ecology. Mathematical tools such as numerical and mathematical modelling can be used to solve such complex real problems.

CAMMP makes it possible for mathematics and computer science enthusiastic students to go beyond theory to problem solving. Through this longer and more intensive examination of a problem, students gain an insight into the professional world of mathematicians, computer scientists and engineers.

Within the framework of CAMMP, different offers can be taken up by teachers together with students:

  •  CAMMP day: Computer-aided mathematical modeling, one-day, at KIT, Karlsruhe or RWTH Aachen
  •  CAMMP week: A whole week in a youth hostel on the subject of computer-aided mathematical modeling.