CAMMP week - modeling week

High school students conduct research in teams with the help of mathematical methods and the use of computers on research questions from companies and university institutes. Some examples are the following problems:

  •  How do solar power plants have to be designed in order to become competitive? (TSK Flagsol)
  •  How can robots be controlled in space travel that are to take soil samples? (Enceladus Explorer Initiative, DLR)
  •  How can the bus routes of your city be optimized so that the bus finally arrives on time? (IVU Traffic Technologies AG)
  •  How can optimal bone implants be developed for accident victims? (University Hospital RWTH Aachen)

Each group receives an individual task, which it researches within the five days. A scientist will always supervise them. During the week there will also be a supporting programme with a sporting competition, a barbecue evening and other leisure activities, as well as an information event for students. The student teams present their results to the company representatives at the end of the week at a representative closing event in Aachen or Karlsruhe.

More information about the procedure of the weeks and the times when they will take place can be found on the pages of the locations in Aachen  and Karlsruhe  locations.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us!