Partner school

Schools that want to place a special emphasis on mathematical modeling can become our partner school for this purpose.

We want to support and deepen the teaching of mathematical modeling with computer use in schools. This is not only an extracurricular learning offer for students but explicitly also a teacher training offer. We want to support teachers in the implementation of mathematical modeling in the classroom. To this end, we rely, among other things, on firm, long-term cooperation with individual schools.

A partner school cooperates with the CAMMP project by regularly participating in various of our events. It should participate in at least the following events with its students and teachers each year:

  • Participation in a CAMMP week with at least three students
  • Participation in at least three CAMMP days with high school or middle school courses
  • Other joint activities that serve the teaching and application of mathematical modeling (e.g. support for project weeks, implementation of teacher training, support for participation in competitions) are desirable

Contact us if you are interested!

So far, there is a cooperation with the following school:




Tulla-Gymnasium Rastatt