Online afternoon project

Have you ever asked yourself

  • how researchers come to reliable conclusions about climate change,
  • how it is possible that huge amounts of songs are available on our smartphone at any time,
  • how we make the best use of renewable energy sources to drive the energy transition, or
  • how Netflix, Amazon and co. manage to recognize our tastes and give us personalized recommendations for new movies and products?

Find out for yourself! Take on the role of a scientist and work in small teams online to expand your problem-solving skills by using math and computers to solve real problems!

From December to February we offer for STEM interested students

  • grade 9 and higher every Friday from 15:00 to 17:00 Start: 04.12.2020
  • grade 11 and higher every Tuesday from 16:00 to 18:00 Start: 08.12.2020

an online afternoon project. In the project you will work in a team on exciting problems and will be supported by scientific staff of KIT and RWTH Aachen University. After successful participation in the project, you will receive a certificate from KIT or RWTH Aachen University.

A computer / tablet, internet access and a working microphone are required for participation.