Online afternoon project

It's that time again! Starting in November, we will once again organize the weekly afternoon project, which is aimed at students from all over Germany who are interested in MINT and especially mathematics. 

Have you ever asked yourself

  • how researchers come to reliable conclusions about climate change?,
  • how mathematics helps users type on their cell phones?,
  • how we make optimal use of renewable energy sources to drive forward the energy transition, or
  • how Netflix, Amazon and co. manage to recognize our tastes and give us personalized recommendations for new films and products? 

Find out for yourself! Step into the role of a scientist and expand your problem-solving skills online in small teams by using mathematics and computers to solve real problems!

From November to February we offer for MINT interested students

from grade 8 every1 Monday from 16:00 to 18:00 Start: 22.11.2021 End: 14.02.2022
from grade 10 every1 Wednesday from 16:00 to 18:00 Start: 24.11.2021 End: 16.02.2022

again an online afternoon project. In the project, you will work in a team on exciting problems and will be supported by KIT scientific staff. After successful participation in the project, you will receive a certificate from KIT.

Registration is possible by mail. The number of participants is limited - so be quick!

A computer/tablet, internet access and a working microphone are required for participation.  

1 Not during the winter vacations.