Further teacher training

Our aim is to have a lasting impact on the role that authentic mathematical modelling plays in the classroom. For this reason, we offer various events for teachers at lower and upper secondary level (our materials can be used from year 8 onwards):

Format I: Several days of teacher training during the modelling week

This training is embedded in the modelling weeks for students. Together with a research assistant, you will supervise a group of students during a modelling week. You will receive an introduction to the basics of mathematical modelling and explore digital learning material from CAMMP. This will then be made available to you for use in your own lessons.

Format II: Advanced training in mathematical modelling (1.5 - 4 h)

In this training course, you will gain an insight into a selected learning module from a CAMMP modelling day by working on it yourself and discussing its structure and suitability for mathematical modelling with students. You will then receive a reader for the learning module you have worked on, which contains the mathematical background, methodological and didactic information as well as the teaching and learning material. This reader is intended to facilitate and accompany the preparation of the learning modules for your own maths lessons. The digital worksheets required to complete the module are also provided.

Format III: Advanced training on artificial intelligence in maths lessons (1.5 - 5 h)

The relevance of artificial intelligence (AI) and data science (DS) for everyday life, industry and research requires that topics from the fields of DS and AI are also discussed with students in school lessons. This can and should also be done to a large extent in maths lessons. This training course will therefore provide you with an overview of the (mathematical) foundations of AI and its applications. You will explore the learning material of one or more learning modules developed and tested within the framework of CAMMP / Simulated Worlds, which allows students an active insight into the importance of mathematics for AI methods and also enables rich modelling activities. Access to the teaching and learning material, which is available on an online platform for direct use in the classroom, is shown. In addition, possible uses of the material in your own lessons will be discussed and further tools for AI lessons will be presented and ways in which the ethical/social dimensions of AI can also be addressed in your own subject lessons will be discussed.

CAMMP Outreach

In order to reach teachers outside the regional environment of CAMMP in Aachen and Karlsruhe, we are working on the development of low-threshold teaching materials and the provision of interactive, digital teaching and learning materials as part of a cloud project. We have compiled the material from five workshops in a book.