New materials for reality-based mathematics teaching

In the volume "Neue Materialien für einen Realitätsbezogenen Mathematikunterricht", which will be published by Springer in summer 2022, the learning materials, methodical-didactical hints for the use in class and mathematical backgrounds of the workshops

  • Solar power plant
  • Climate change
  • Computer tomography
  • Data compression
  • Shazam

are described. All materials are available for direct classroom use on a workshop platform.

The aim of this volume is to make a broad public aware of the social importance of mathematics and the computational sciences. The materials presented in this volume have been developed and tested by us. Our aim is to show ways in which even students can actively engage in research-based, relevant, and authentic mathematical modeling. Therefore, the target groups of this volume are primarily teachers and prospective teachers. We want to enable and encourage them to teach research-based modeling to their students.

The book is in German.