Support in the processing of our workshops

When editing our workshops there are a few typical sources of errors, which are listed here. If you get an error message, this may be due to the notation required by the Julia programming language.

Typical input error Wrong inputCorrect input
Comma as decimal separator1,51.5
Wrong arithmetic symbol for multiplication

2 x 4

2 * 4
Use of sine, cosine and
tangent in radians instead of degrees
sin(), cos(), tan()are(), cosd(), tand()
Incorrect call of arc sine,
arc cosine and arc tangent
(degree measure)
sin^(-1), cos^(-1), tan^(-1)asind(), acosd(), atand()
Input the number π as a characterπpi
Copy formulas from textsin(440-2π-t)sin(440*2*pi*t)
Column vectors without semicolon between entries[1 2 3 4][1; 2; 3; 4]
Systems of equations or matrices without a semicolon at the end of each line.

[ 1 2 3

3 1 0

3 1 -1 ]

[ 1 2 3;

3 1 0;

3 1 -1 ]

Copying numerical values instead of
use of variables
1.1s (variable in which this value
is stored)
Incorrect spelling of variables
(esp. upper and lower case)
transmitterTime, Pmirror
Input of words (strings), e.g. to complete sentences, without
to complete sentences, without
double quotation marks
". . . "
ˆ is sometimes not accepted during input
ˆ without space barAfter entering ˆ, press the
press the space bar.
Played sounds cannot be heard
be heard

Using the
Firefox browser
Use of another
browser (e.g. Chrome)
First code field is not executed
Execute first code field on every
Execute worksheet,
before subsequent code fields
are processed.
Kernel down after inactivity (especially with
longer pause in editing)
In the upper right corner it says "No
Click on "No Kernel" and
select Julia
Markdown cell (text cell of the worksheets)
were double clicked.
Edit mode
Text cell by clicking on the
Run button
Input was entered correctly
but not recognized as correct

Restart the kernel of the worksheet
restart and run the complete worksheet again