The philosophy of our research

Within the framework of CAMMP we are not only involved in mathematical modelling projects with students and teachers, but also in research and teaching in the field of didactics of mathematical modelling, in the sense of research on teaching and learning problem-oriented mathematics beyond case studies. In particular, we investigate how creative approaches to mathematics can be taught. Tasks and projects should enrich the teaching of mathematics by being authentic and relevant, and as problem-oriented as possible. They are largely based on the use of computers and should be actively and individually worked on by the students. Adapted to the given framework conditions (e.g. modelling week, day, regular school lessons), innovative concepts should be developed to balance the dimensions active-passive and method-oriented problem-oriented. By method-oriented we mean the application and practice of mathematical methods to solve purely mathematical problems without reference to application. In the problem-oriented treatment of tasks, certain mathematical methods are only applied when they are needed to solve a real extra-mathematical problem. Through CAMMP, we want to offer ways to innovative mathematics teaching in terms of content and didactic methods.

Our research topics

At the moment there are four PhD students in the field of didactics on the following topics: